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Best Affordable Social Media Marketing Packages

“Ponder and deliberate before you make a move”- Tsun Tzu

If you’re a pain management specialist, a physician that treats patients with specific medical conditions, or a business that sells other products or services leverage targeted demographic ecosystems. Join marketing channels like Facebook groups which your audience frequents. Discuss solutions to common problems and get your information and opinions out there. Become a subject matter expert.

  • Share relevant breaking news and information on your social media profiles
  • Discuss common issues related to customers in social communities.
  • Respond to your customer’s related comments and questions
  • Create educational video content. They drive better interactions and make for a better customer experience.
social media marketing strategy

Our social media marketing strategy involves the engagement of adopters AKA “brand champions or ambassadors” as the jargon we use in the industry to gain their loyalty and most importantly to provoke them to advocate for your business. This should be managed in a customer relationship management (CRM) platform. We constantly analyze customer interaction data so our campaigns are effective throughout the lifecycle to make your existing customers your “biggest fans.”

Professional Social Media Marketing Services include:

New account setup, design, review generation, optimization, posting services, and paid advertising options that will help drive engagement and spread awareness.

Professional Social Media Marketing Services
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of marketers rank short-form videos as the most effective type of social media content in 2021 (HubSpot)


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Leverage Our Benchmarking Tool

Compare your business to competitors' social media outlets and in local search. Monitor mentions across the web, on various news sites, blogs, and social media networks. Our automated sentiment analysis will report back both negative and positive mentions.

  • Define Goals
  • Research Customers
  • Audit Competitors
  • Create Customer Personas
  • Select Platform-FB, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, TikTok
  • Strategy for each Social Platform
  • Use a Social Calendar and you determine post timing
  • Include staff and make them aware
  • Automate tasks
  • Respond quickly while customers are engaged
  • Use Videos
  • Use Hashtags #
  • Inspire your audience
  • Get to the point and “don't beat around the bush”
  • Complete Profile in the “about” section
  • Keep Social Voice and Tone concurrent
  • Prepare for the spark before there is a fire from negative feedback
  • Share positive feedback
  • Measure,  Analyze, and review Results with your Social Manager 
  • Social Media Consults assist in establishing and defining your goals. We build your social presence from the ground up or can strengthen your existing presence. 
  • Brand Management helps position your company for success. Our social team promotes it by finding and securing the right usernames and profiles across different social media channels to further reach. 
  • Social Media Monitoring Our team will comb through social networks making sure that you know the people talking about your brand, what they think, and what they are saying. Stay one step ahead of conversation with our resources by knowing what others say and promptly responding to engage them.
  • Reporting and Analysis are the cornerstones for our social media team. We use these numbers to identify existing and potential opportunities across the major social platforms.
  • Post relevant content and engage with customers on FB, Google Business Profile, Twitter, Instagram, & LinkedIn with 1 click.
  • Calendar to Schedule Posts
  • Manage comments, feedback and mentions from within the app 
  • Create your own or use our templates ready to post
  • Generate new leads and further interest from existing customers
  • Improve Customer Service
  • Performance metrics and analysis.
  • Social Audience Analytics
  • Link Tracking
  • Tagging in posts (Facebook & Twitter)
  • Clickable bio for Instagram
social media goal

Social Media Consults Assist In Establishing And Defining Goals.

We build your social presence from the ground up, or strengthen your existing presence.