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Cannabis Marketing Services

Our team has extensive experience marketing for physicians in the cannabis industry.

Why choose us for cannabis marketing?

Our Managing Director Ray Correa, was the Chief Operating Officer for and increased sales by over 600% before selling the company. He orchestrated the sales process and was responsible for the day-to-day activities that achieved what every start-up wants, to be acquired. Ray has successfully advised thousands of physicians and business owners for over 25 years with their businesses, investments, marketing, and effective sales strategies.

Challenges in Cannabis Marketing

Challenges in Cannabis Marketing

Cannabis advertising is restricted due to its federal status and mega-cap companies that control media outlets that don’t want to take on the numerous risks that it presents so it is difficult to get in front of a mass audience presenting the message that would normally be effective for other businesses that market their services and can describe and illustrate exactly what they do clearly.

There are many restrictions that prevent companies in this space from even using the words marijuana, cannabis or the term marihuana said to originate in the late 1800’s or early 1900’s and most famously as a part of the “marihuana tax act of 1937”.

We will evaluate the data metrics and present them outlining the best opportunities. we include data such as which geographical location, times of day, and audience demographics to narrow targets to achieve the best results.

Advertise and deliver Cannabis ads on MASS market sites including,,, NY daily News,, and many more.

What is Cannabis Geofencing

What is Cannabis Geofencing?

Cannabis Geofencing is geofencing for the hard-to-market cannabis industry. It can be extremely difficult to advertise to the mainstream mass audience but we have an intuitive solution that helps penetrate the market more effectively.

This innovative angle of marketing represents a radical change from traditional, restrictive ad buying for the Cannabis industry to place their products and services in front of the largest audiences. 

Organic SEO refers to strategies and methods implemented to rank as high as possible on major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, or DuckDuckGo. The reason the word “organic” is included is to differentiate between “paid advertising” like PPC.

Don’t settle for the second or third page of Google SERPs. Aim for the first page by investing in our search engine optimization packages.

How does Cannabis Geofencing work?

Retargeting Pixels are placed via Google Tag Manager (GTM). We will add one if you don’t have a GTM onsite already. You will have a choice of having us place pixel(s) in your GTM on your behalf, or we will give you a pixel to place.

Our team runs as many retargeting impressions as possible within the total number of ordered impressions.

We can conduct geofencing for any business including the hard to market cannabis industry and guarantee:

  • 21+ targeting
  • Better performance from quality sites
  • Free creative change services
  • In-depth Reporting
  • Tracking & Retargeting Included
How does Cannabis Geofencing work

The cannabis market in the state of California amounted to $5.6 billion


states have approved marijuana for medical uses


The cannabis market is estimated to be worth $73.6 billion by 2027.