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“If you do what everyone else does, you will get what everyone else gets.” (which is typically mediocre.)
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What is Programmatic advertising

What is Programmatic advertising?

Programmatic advertising (AKA programmatic marketing or programmatic media is a marketplace to buy and sell ad inventory through an automated bidding ecosystem in real-time. These programs allow businesses or marketing agencies to purchase ad impressions on publisher sites or apps.

By 2023, Programmatic Display Advertising is Expected to Hit to nearly $142 billion Dollars. –Statista

Channels of Programmatic advertising

  • Streaming Ads
  • TV Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Voice or Audio Ads
  • Native Ads
  • Display Ads
  • Social ads
  • Ad slots for digital out-of-home (DOOH) online

Programmatic advertising enables brands or agencies to purchase ad impressions on publisher sites or apps through a sophisticated ecosystem. The first step is to establish goals and metrics that are vital and determine the success of the campaign. 

Channels of Programmatic advertising

Think Outside The Box Programmatic Display Services.

Geofencing is a pre-programmed virtual boundary location-based tech service that enables an app or other software using GPS, Radio Frequency ID (RFID), Wi-Fi or cellular data to track actions when a RFID tag, cell phone or other devices both enter and exit a geographical location.

Device ID technology creates custom digital fences around a businesses location during a specific time frame while targeting user demographics you have chosen to target within those fence parameters. Cell phones provide amazingly unique data insights into the users behaviors, frequently visited locations, home, work, habits, interests, and so much more.

With this data you will determine if the audience you are targeting is likely to result in becoming a paid customer. If they meet the criteria, we can use that data to run a highly targeted programmatic display ad campaign. We have delivered incredible ROI and insights using this strategy.

According to Localogy, consumers must encounter a brand 10X before they think about doing business with them - up from 7X just a few years ago. 

Targeted Display grants businesses and marketers alike the ability to deliver digital advertisements like banner ads, moving billboards on the internet. It all starts with understanding the Customer Journey. It is a proactive approach to marketing and will land you in front of consumers before they look for the product or services you offer. It enables advertisers to target their specific audience on highly trafficked websites across the net. Ad impressions (banner ads) are then served on desktop, mobile and other connected devices. We all leave behind “digital DNA” when using the net that can then be leveraged by marketers to create strategic and targeted buys for advertisers. Have you ever heard the phrase “timing is everything?” Well, this is how you get in front of the right prospective buyers, on the right device, on the right websites  “at the right time”.

Types of Display Targeting: 

  • Demographic Targeting
  • Behavioral Targeting
  • Content Targeting
  • Geo Targeting
  • Frequency Caps Day Parting
Think Outside The Box

Device ID technology “blows the roof off”

simple Geofencing because it measures results with real attribution and ROI. Some Competitors use radius or assumptive data and targeting which does not have certainty of one-to-one device tracking.

If you want to successfully engage a consumer during each phase of the buying journey the need unique highly target message that establishes considerations for:

Awareness, Interest, Intent, Purchase, and Loyalty.

  • Pre-bundled- conveniently takes the guessing out of the equation and instead offers direction for what tactics to target and implement to be successful.
  • Targeting areas of interest can include- age, gender, household income and even purchase intent for a Rolex, engagement ring, doctor visit  or even a pair of sneakers.
  • Verified tracking - your retargeting pixel will get tested multiple times before deploying the campaign live.
  • Transparent live dashboard - websites where your ads served, when ads are viewed and actions a customer took when conversions are enabled.
  • Robust data elements -  show which ads are most popular and clicks.
  • 5 conversion points - included tracking engagement, interest, and action.
  • Campaign optimization - managers comp structure incentivized to hit KPIs for foot traffic, click-thru rates, and campaign performance.

We guarantee to serve a minimum of 50,000 impressions per month and are happy to provide:

  • Strategic recommendations for a client
  • Case studies
  • Additional sales materials
  • Sample Reports
  • and more!

Submit 10 targeted locations for us to analyze if there are adequate impressions. We will hand-draw custom shapes around the location you agree would be best to target and identify devices that entered the location from 3 months to 1 year ago.
Rapid Select Option: we will identify devices in the quick-select category of business, which generate device IDs. For example, “all doctors offices”.

Targeting Options

Why choose us?

Why choose us

Campaign Managers are paid like salesmen and their compensation is based on performance.
2 ways to display an ad online:

  • Purchase directly from a website or publisher.
  • Programmatically through an ad exchange or Demand Side Platform (DSP). 

Pinpointed targeting – we target relevant devices whether you want to use a  ZIP Code, location, or other highly targeting methods we can help establish. There will naturally be devices visiting the area but not from the area that we can exclude to avoid serving ad to devices seen outside of the “back geo’.

Audience Insight Reports- a consumer’s unique device reflects the demographics for targeted locations to look back on and deliver ads to. Insights include:

  • Track your audience by days of the week and hours of the day.
  • Track your audience by Top 5 Zip Codes visiting the “fenced” location.
  • Frequency of visits.
  • Age amongst visitors.
  • Approximate Income.

We target devices in “conversion zones” just like targeting a specific location. We can measure the number of people from these locations entering your business!

Audience Insight Reports
Foot Traffic Attribution Reports

Foot Traffic Attribution Reports offer transparent results provided in our real-time dashboard reporting devices that were targeted and seen as targets of interest, including websites we served your ads. We also report if the ads were seen and if the consumer took any actions.
Robust Data Elements right from your dashboard will show the ads winning the most engagement and clicks.
Campaign Optimization – Our team’s compensation for managing the campaign and achieving KPI goals depends on the performance of foot traffic, click-thru rates and conversions. We properly incentivize them so they are on top of campaign performance.

1. Management Policies and Priorities

    • Comscore 1000 whitelist.
    • Quantcast5k whitelist.
    • Regularly curated block list.
    • Algorithmic bid modification and inventory selection.
    • Manual bid modification and inventory selection.
    • “Above the fold” positioning.
    • Audience optimization.
  • 2. Tech-Demand Side Platform Protective Measures

      • Curated and tiered inventory to choose from.
      • IAB compliance.
      • Algorithmic seller quality identification.
      • Site and seller viewability indexing.
      • Dynamically maintained site-level block list.
      • Dynamically maintained IP blocking.

3. Reporting

  • Transparent dashboard with insights and results.
  • One-stop-shop reporting-Integrated into Google Analytics, Facebook, and other platforms
  • Target devices identified in your target audience used during the campaign that was also seen in the point of interest (POI) are represented in the report that counts as visitors attributed to the campaign. Talk about incredible ROI

4. Demographic Report will identify a user’s demographics that have been defined geofences like:

  • Geographic data.
  • Visitor frequency.
  • Household income.
  • Foot Traffic Attribution.
  • Devices identified at the point of interest from your target audience campaign

5. Inventory Quality – Pre-bid fraud prevention & brand safety solution Peer39 maintains:

  • Site Viewability Control – site control placement based on type (ex. user-generated content) for higher relevance.
  • Brand Safety Settings – prevents ads from running next to offensive content.
  • Contextual Targeting – topics and categories targeted at the page level based on the IAB Networks and Exchanges taxonomy.
  • Ad Viewability Forecasting is when we anticipate potential views based on page density, average screen size, and other important metrics.
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key takeways
US programmatic digital display Ad

According to eMarketer’s forecast, global digital ad spending will increase by 15.2% over the last year and reach $524.31 bln in 2022. (eMarketer, 2021)


Programmatic advertising research shows that one of the top trends of 2021 is automation. 41% of marketers say that AI and machine learning have had the most impact on their revenue growth and performance. (Forbes, 2021)


Programmatic remains the leading method for buying and selling digital ad space, with global programmatic ad spend reaching 82% in 2022. (Statista, 2021)