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Key Performance Indicator (KPI’s) For Customer Service - How do you define success?

Business Success is determined by a myriad of factors such as:
Optimization KPI
  • Number of Conversions – (email opened, clicked link, phone call, form fill, action take or purchase..
  • Conversion rate – Formula: # of Conversions / # of Views = Conversion Rate.
  • Cost Per Conversion (CPC) Formula: Investment / # of Conversions = CPC
  • Number of Leads – Marketing qualified leads (MQLs) & Sales qualified leads (SQLs)
  • Cost per Lead – Formula: Budget / # of Leads = Cost per Lead
  • Customer Acquisition Cost – Formula: Budget / # of New Customers = Customer Acquisition.

How do you track your KPIs?

If you are going to make an investment in marketing then you need great reporting tools to evaluate whether your hard-earned money is working harder than you did to earn it. We have them.

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