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Geofencing Marketing

Generate More Targeted Leads with Geofencing and Targeted Programmatic Display

What is it and how can you profit from it?- Device ID technology creates custom digital fences around a businesses location(s) during a specific time frame while targeting user demographics you have chosen to target within those fence parameters. With this data you will determine if the audience you are targeting is likely to result in becoming a paid customer. If they meet the criteria, we can use that data to run a highly targeted programmatic display ad campaign. We have witnessed our clients experience incredible ROI and insights as a result. 

If you want to successfully engage a consumer during each phase of the buying journey the need unique highly target message that establishes considerations for: Awareness, Interest, Intent, Purchase, and Loyalty/

We guarantee serving a minimum of 50,000 impressions per month Location Targeting Options: 

  • Submit at least 10 targeted locations for us to analyze winning adequate impressions
  • We then hand-draw custom shapes around the location you agree would be best to target and identify devices that entered the location from 3 days to one year ago.

● Quick-Select Option: we identify devices in the quick-select category of business, which generate device IDs from “all lawyers offices”’ for example.

Reasons to Work with Corunit Media Corp.

Geofencing Campaign Managers are paid like salesmen and their compensation is based on performance. Check out some of the tools we use:

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We target relevant devices whether you want to use a ZIP Code, location, or other highly targeting methods we can help establish. There will naturally be devices visiting the area but not from the area that we can exclude to avoid serving ad to devices seen outside of the “back geo’.

A consumer's unique device reflects the demographics for targeted locations to look back on and deliver ads to. Insights include:

  • Track audience- by days of the week 
  • Track audience- by hours of the day
  • Track audience- by Top 5 Zip Codes visiting the “fenced” location
  • Frequency of visits
  • Age amongst visitors
  • Approximate Income

Just like targeting a specific location. We can measure the number of people from these locations entering your business!

Transparent results provided in our live dashboard to report devices that were targeted in your audience seen as a target of interest, including websites we served your ads, if they were seen, if a customer took action, when conversions are enabled.

Your dashboard will show the ads winning the most engagement and clicks.

Geofencing and Targeted Programmatic Display