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Are you having trouble converting web visitors into paying customers? Convert more visitors into sales with Website Conversion Rate optimization.

What Is Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)?

Conversion Rate Optimization is the process where a website or app funnel is audited and data insights of visitor’s behaviors are evaluated, generating a hypothesis and then A/B tested to create a solution with statistical confidence identifying why users aren’t converting into booked appointments, events, demo, free trial, download or into a paid customer. 

What Is Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization is the process where a website or app funnel is audited and data insights of visitor’s behaviors are evaluated, generating a hypothesis and then A/B tested to create a solution with statistical confidence identifying why users aren’t converting into booked appointments, events, demo, free trial, download or into a paid customer.

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We will review and determine why visitors aren’t converting enough into paying customers on your website or landing page. We evaluate and persistently test the hypothesis with creative solutions, like A/B testing. If you have a website and want it to be optimized to increase conversions our team of experts loves helping our valued clients convert visitors into paying customers. 

One of the benefits is lowering your customer acquisition costs (CAC) thereby increasing profitability. On average our clients reduce CAC to north of 25% and at the same time increase the volume of paying customers. The campaign will include:

A Conversion Audit is a thorough review of a landing page or website highlighting to determine why users aren't hanging around long enough or clicking on a call to action (CTA).

Conversion Optimization's primary goal is to understand user behavior to generate a hypothesis and A/B test to uncover the best solution backed up by statistical confidence. In other words, we map out a plan to initiate and increase conversions. 

  • Insights into why users aren't converting and to fix the problem. Improve paid advertising cost per acquisition (CPA) for paid advertising. 
  • Lift conversion rates of websites and landing pages
  • Statistically proven results are provided for each structured adjustment so that the cost justifies the spending.

A/B testing AKA split testing, is a scientific marketing experiment that splits your user traffic to two different landing pages or apps to examine a variety of campaigns and determine what works the best. If there are 1k visitors in a given period 500 would be directed to one version and 500 directed to another.

Average reduction in CPA for our clients is 28%

Conversion Audit Key Features:

  • Conversion Audits are typically accompanied by analytics, surveys and heat maps. 
  • A/B testing initiated, splitting half of the user traffic between two separate designs with the same desired outcome..
  • A script is added to the site for A/B test to create a virtual version of the website to correct.
  • Math and Statistical Data are used to analyze the probability of accurate assessment.
  • Reporting includes the hypothesis with screenshots to back up the data and illustrated test samples, insights gathered, and next steps for the web designer to implement changes.
Conversion rate Increase

Steps we take to Gather insights, attract and capture buyers to scale your sales:

We analyze your website or landing page providing highlighted heatmap screenshots that reflect where you are losing buyers.

Site Speed Analysis

Troubleshoot WordPress thoroughly along with outdated plugins, themes, or software.

Set up a consultation meeting with one of our CRO experts via zoom or phone to establish the goals and objectives.

Conversion Audit recommendations discussed will translate into actionable ideas to implement and increase buyer intent.

On-site Optimization. We will do whatever it takes to make your site super fast.

Reporting is accompanied by a Conversion Score which evaluates at least 10 conversion issues you are experiencing.

Audit discussion and explanation of the results and recommendations pointing out what needs to be corrected and what is working as intended. Your question of “why aren't people converting more” will be answered.

Recommendations are implemented and we start the conversion rate optimization process.

How to increase conversions when you have traffic to your website but visitors aren’t buying frequently enough or below industry average?

Our Process:

  • GTmetrix report scan and analysis
  • Staging site created for the workflow. No impact to the live site.
  • We troubleshoot and optimize the site’s root causes via  the GTmetrix report
  • Optimize staging site and GTmetrix report to confirm website speed improvements.
success Process

Surveys are used frequently as a first step to optimizing a website. Most of the time you will find some visitors willing to provide feedback and more about their demographics and most importantly what they want. Survey Sliders are now built into an AI ChatBot that will engage with specific visitors with the criteria that were laid out. Lead Sliders are used as an unobtrusive way to capture leads from your site. Lead Sliders can be triggered by many events and the leads are sent to multiple addresses.

Exit Intent User Triggered Pop-Ups and Mobile Banners Exit Popups detect when a user is about to leave your site and prompts them with an offer. This technique increases conversion rates significantly. The pop-ups can also be triggered by other user actions. Mobile banners engage on cell phones Lead Sliders.

Is Your Cost Per Lead Too High?

Conversion Rate Optimization is initiated to increase conversions and reduce the cost per acquisition (CPA) for inbound leads.

cost per acquisition

Campaign Optimization

Campaign Managers are paid like salesmen and their compensation is based on performance. Our team’s compensation for managing the campaign and achieving KPI goals depends on the performance of foot traffic, click-thru rates, and conversions. We properly incentivize them so they are on top of campaign performance.

  • Comscore 1000 whitelist 
  • Quantcast5k whitelist 
  • Regularly curated block list 
  • Algorithmic bid modification and inventory selection 
  • Manual bid modification and inventory selection 
  • “Above the fold” positioning 
  • Audience optimization 
  • Curated and tiered inventory to choose from 
  • IAB compliance 
  • Algorithmic seller quality identification 
  • Site and seller viewability indexing 
  • Dynamically maintained site-level block list 
  • Dynamically maintained IP blocking 
  • Transparent dashboard with insights and results. 
  • One-stop shop reporting-Integrated into Google Analytics, Facebook and other platforms
  • Target devices identified in your target audience used during the campaign that were also seen in the point of interest (POI) are represented in the report that count as visitors attributed to the campaign. Talk about incredible ROI!

Identifies user’s demographics that have been defined geofences like:

  • Geographic data
  • Visitor frequency
  • Household income
  • Foot Traffic Attribution
  • Devices in your target audience identified in the campaign and were seen at the point of interest are detailed.

Pre-bid fraud prevention & brand safety solution Peer39 maintains:

  • Site Viewability Control – site control placement based on type (ex. user-generated content) for higher relevance
  • Brand Safety Settings – prevents ads from running next to offensive content 3. Contextual Targeting – topics and categories targeted at the page level based on the IAB Networks and Exchanges taxonomy
  • Ad Viewability Forecasting – anticipate potential views based on page density, avg screen size, and important metrics

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