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Local Directory Listings Builder and Citations Management

Claiming your Google Business Profile is the single most important directory to claim and optimize.

If they can’t find you, they can’t choose you.

Maintaining Correct and Consistent Listing Data across relevant directories, review sites, and social networks are crucial to having the most inbound prospective buyers.

Consumers generally begin by searching for a category or brand search. For example, a brand search is something like “ABC Health Care in NYC” and a category search is “Plastic Surgeon NYC”. (Note: On a mobile phone the “in NYC” does not need to be explicit.) With a category search, the user’s intention is to find options in the category but isn’t necessarily looking for a specific company. Search engines recognize the intent is skewed toward proximity and location hence they will offer the closest locations for the category that’s why it’s important to make sure that location information is crawlable, displayed accurately on each page, and meta-data and keywords are optimized.

How to improve visibility in local searches? 46% of all searches according to Google are local searches. Amplify your web presence and manage it right through your custom dashboard. We can give you access to the technology and you can “do it yourself” for minimal cost or we can fully tailor it and manage it for your unique business.

Optimize Directory Profiles

The right marketing team will dramatically improve results. Optimizing requires time and expertise for max benefit. See how search engines view your web presence and make the necessary corrections to improve visibility and generate referrals from many other trusted sources!

Optimize Directory Profiles

The process is time-consuming but necessary if you want great visibility. If you are a physician you will have to go back and forth with all the major medical directories to confirm your identity. Depending on the platform you might possibly need to send a picture of your driver’s license, receive and enter a code to confirm your identity, and upload or email a piece of mail with your name and address to name a few.
After entering your NAP DATA correctly you will have to know how to optimize the listing to maximize its value of the listing.
Profile optimization “starts out as a science and ends up being an art.”

Online Profiles optimization

How important is it for local businesses to have mobile-optimized listings?

Search engines recognize the intent is skewed toward proximity and location hence they will offer the closest locations for a category that’s why it’s important to make sure that location information is crawlable.

optimized listings
The Customer Journey begins on mobile 60% of the time.
If you want the best SEO search results, those that offer a better customer experience on mobile devices are prioritized. According to, mobile devices “accounted for over 61% of organic search engine visits” as of Q2 2021.”
Voice search gets 3X more voice searches on mobile than by text.

The future of search is voice search. It’s a convenient and popular way to search that is catching on rapidly. The major players are Amazon Alexa which has over two-thirds of the market share, Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri,  and Microsoft’s Cortana.

  • Mobile users are 3X more likely to use voice search when they are doing local searches- (Review42)
  • Men currently outpace women with voice search on smartphones– 66% vs 55% (smartphone), 53% vs 30% (desktop/laptop), 49% vs 31% (tablet), and 46% vs 26% (smart speaker)(Social Media Today)
  • Buyers of voice-activated speakers will surpass 25.6 million in 2021(Finances Online)
  • 48% of consumers are using voice technology for general search queries (Search Engine Land)
  • 30% of web browsing in 2021 will be performed only by voice –(Gartner)
  • Three-quarters of all US households are expected to own at least one smart speaker.-(Microsoft)
  • 71% of consumers prefer to conduct queries by voice instead of typing (PWC)
  • One-third of the United States population use voice search features-(Emarketer)
  • More than half of all owners of smart speakers use their devices daily
  • Smart speakers will outnumber tablets by 2021 (Canalys)
  • 400 million devices now support Google Assistant (Voicebot)
  • 43% of voice-enabled device owners use their devices for online shopping (Narvar)

“Starbucks became a $100 billion-plus company by creating the best customer experience in the coffee game. It all starts with the first time a consumer sees your brand and these days that mostly occurs online.”

How important is it for local businesses to have mobile

Syncing our tech to GMB, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter will enable:

  • Gather and analyze GMB Insights.
  • Updating, editing, and syncing business information across multiple sources from one platform.
  • Syncing your business data to the three primary data aggregators (Infogroup, Localeze Neustar, etc.)
  • Protection from third-party changes- did you know that anyone can post in your GMB and even change things without your permission? 
  • Publishing business data instantaneously to high traffic sources.
  • Controlling how your business listings appear.
  • Duplicate suppression management.
  • Update customers with the latest information.
  • Analyze how and what sources customers interact with and find your listings. 
listing Sync pro

Directory and Data Aggregator Management Services With Corunit Media Corp.

Spare yourself the learning curve. With help from one of our market strategists or if you or someone have the experience they can “drive” with our technology. If you move to a new location, get a new number, have a new domain, and don’t update it you’re leaving the “easy money” on the table. We can update it seamlessly with our technology and get your information corrected across 80+ highly trafficked directories and data aggregators.

Directory and Data Aggregator Management Services

Data aggregators collect consumer and business data than mine it, process it, and repackage it into a usable form to add value to users. The content is distributed to hundreds of listing directories, review sites, search engines, and more. They empower voice search applications like Apple’s Siri,  Amazon's Alexa, and personal navigation systems like maps. 

Largest Data Aggregators

Infogroup/Data Axle


Neustar Localeze

The Platform gives you access to your dashboard to control how the business is seen throughout the internet. Click a button and instantly create and update to listings across an established network of highly trafficked websites. It gets better, with our technology you're in control of what people see and your information is secured from third-party changes whether the intent is malicious or not. You will be able to establish and correct inaccuracies across established networks of search engines, social networks, business directories, maps, and navigation systems all within the platform. Make updates to hours of operation, services, address changes, and payment methods so customers have the most accurate information.

By competitors, data aggregators, and other third parties. In your dashboard you will easily see and be able to correct missing and inaccurate business listings, proof-of-performance so you are confident your marketing dollars are being invested wisely.

There are over 8.5 Billion searches a day just on Google and if you think that pace is slowing down soon you will be incorrect. It's imperative your business listings are up to date and accurate. 

Monitor and Protect them from someone, like a competitor that can change them without your permission! The quicker you know the quicker you can address them and minimize any damage.


of consumers will visit a store because of information found online


of people learn more about a local company online than anywhere else. (SEO Tribunal)


Local searches result in purchases 28% of the time. (Joel House Search Media)